Tillamook School District – Substitute Teacher



 Teacher must be licensed to teach with a certificate from TSPC





 To apply go to, and click on the employment link located on the left.  All applicants will create a user account. Follow the instruction below on how to apply.

  If you are a new user then click on the “Apply” tab for the job that you are interested in.  You will be given three options:  1) I am a new applicant.  You will then be instructed on how to create an account, 2) I already have a Recruit & Hire account with Tillamook, or 3)  I want to transfer my account from another Recruit & Hire District or Ed Zapp.  If you are not a new user, then log in at the top with your Username and Password or enter your login information within the 2nd option. 


Upon hire all employees will be required to pass a Criminal Background Check. 



Crissy Weber, HR Coordinator

2510 First Street, Tillamook, OR 97141

503-842-4414, ext. 1085     



 Tillamook School District is an equal opportunity educator and employer.